“This exclamation reminded me that my uncle was also a bibliophile in his moments of leisure; but an old book had no value in his eyes unless it was very difficult to find or at least illegible.” Journey to the Centre of the Earth, by Jules Verne (via thebirdoflegend)

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“Never settle for the path of least resistance. If you’re going to be somebody and accomplish great things, resisting is worth doing.” An inspired quote
Four by Veronica Roth (via journaling-junkie)

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“The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over.” Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe (via feellng)

please don’t be over then

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Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red


Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

Luna Lovegood, J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

Book Geek Quote #589

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“Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance.” Anna Quindlen, Every Last One (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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“'Oh, I would never dream of assuming I know all of Hogwarts' secrets, Igor,' said Dumbledore.” Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 23: The Yule Ball (via flourishandblotted)
  • me: *owns 264 unread books*
  • me: *buys 17 new books*
  • me: *rereads harry potter*
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